Are you wearing a wig? How to handle THAT question

Our hair is part of our identity. When we have a good hair day, we feel good about ourselves. When we have a bad hair day, well, we’ve all know what that’s like...

So many of us will be able to chose to wear a wig for a thick,long hair look for some scenes,but non of us will be happy if someone will ask that awkward questions.That’s why it’s good to have an answer in your back pocket.Here are our top 3 answers that you can use 

straight hair

1. Why do you ask?

 The quickest way to deal with an unwanted question is to ask something else in response. More likely than not, when you ask someone to think about why they’re asking about your hair, they won’t have a very good answer or any at all.

2. Yes, it’s my hair.

Now, before you say, “Hey, that’s not true!”, think for a second.

Do you say that the cell phone you bought with your own money isn’t yours?

What about your car? Your clothes? Your house?

Just because hair didn’t grow out of your head it doesn’t mean it’s doesn’t belong to you.

It doesn’t matter if the hair you wear on your head grew out of your head. The hair you choose to wear is your hair.

360 lace frontal wig

3. It is, and I LOVE it.

There is no shame in wearing a wig. Or wearing a topper. Or extensions.

If you didn’t mind people knowing that you wear a wig, by all means, tell them! The more we talk about wearing our wigs, the less stigmatized wearing them becomes.

So, if like us, are proud of the beautiful wigs you wear and want the world to know about it, let the world know!

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