What face shape is suitable for body wave wigs?

I can say responsibly that body wave human hair wigs are suitable for almost all face shapes. The following are the effects of different face shapes.

body wave

  1. Round face shape-usually more lively, giving people a naive feeling. Round face with long hair is the most taboo messy long hair, with curly long hair, lengthen the face, make the facial contour stretch longitudinally, while modifying the face, cute dolls come out.
  2. Long face shape-long wavy hair cover the ears to modify the face shape and smooth, neat and flat bangs, cover the eyebrows to reduce the face area, and the hairstyle is more full and airy!
  3. Square face shape-the overall angle is distinct. Leave an impression of outstanding personality. The wavy hair from the roots to the tips of the hair reveal the coquettishness of women. The wave lace frontal human hair wig on both sides that is longer than the cheeks is slightly gathered inward to modify the face. Makes the contours of the face rounded.
  4. Triangular shape---also known as "pear-shaped face" is not well matched. For example, a straight haircut tends to leave the impression of an irregular face and a big face. Enlarge the defects of face shape. Body wave long hair's wavy texture can hide plump cheeks and overly wide chin.

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