How to select a quality wig online

 Guide to Buying Your First Wig Online

Maybe this weekend is your birthday and you need a 26-inch body wave to add to your glamour. Maybe it's Valentine's Day and you need a Highlight curly to match your sweet outfit for a sweet date. Whatever it is, a wig will make you better and better. You can choose your wig at your local salon or supermarket, but it will undoubtedly take a lot of time. Now that the Internet is more and more developed, online shopping is also a very good choice. We can sit at home and buy our favorite wigs and choose the style, length, and quality we want. But the next step is how to buy a suitable quality wig online to reduce unnecessary troubles. After all, it is not particularly convenient to return and exchange goods. So it's important to know a few things before ordering. The hair of your dreams is right there, and we're here to help you find it.

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Know what your needs are.

1. Buy this wig just for everyday wear, vacation wear, or other needs, then we roughly know what direction to look for, black or brown for work or school, and colorful wigs for festivals, like Christmas and Halloween.

2. Consider your face shape, height, etc. Generally, girls with round faces will choose long wigs, and small girls will choose short hair, but this is not a rule, it is just a consideration, depending on what styles you want.

About wig, you need to know.

1. the hair material. 

Synthetic and human hair.

Tunefulhair just sells real human hair for the disadvantage of Synthetic: 

  • in most cases, you can not use any heating equipment, or the wig may melt.
  • static builds up in hair and causes the ends to curl-hair can become tangled and difficult to handle.
  • you can not change texture or style.
  • It doesn't live as long as human hair-on average, a new synthetic wig is needed after eight to 12 months.

and real human hair is better with that:

  • Treat your hair as if it were your own. Be flexible in changing and styling your hair.
  • Can be colored -- human hair can be used as your own -- add color, such as highlights.
  • It lasts longer than synthetic hair -- an average of one year to 1.5 years before needing to replace a human wig, and an average of eight to 12 months after replacing a synthetic wig
  • The less frizz-the texture of human hair does not curl as easily as synthetic hair.

    2.cap construction.

    cap construction clusure and frontal

    As the pic shows, there is the difference in lace size and shape. 

    Frontal lace is the latest trend. This is because of their versatility and the perfect way it looks like it's grown from your scalp. One way to identify frontal is that they are used to reproduce the hairline from ear to ear, while closures are used to reproduce the natural separation of the hairline.

    Frontal and closure hairpieces help complete your look and are great for styling your wigs, braids, and natural hair extensions. you can choose as your needs.

    wig length &texture

    The length of the wig is measured from the root of the top of the head to the tip of the longest strand. and there is a pic that lets you know it more clearly.

    hair length wig length

    The texture includes:

    hair texture

    In the next blog, we'll detail the differences for each length and texture so that you can see them more clearly.

    After understanding our own needs, we can look at the identification of suppliers.

    Several aspects can be judged here, see if they are sold on multiple platforms, such as aliexpress, amazon, etc., if it sell on multiple platforms, it proves that The strength of the company is most likely not a middleman. Take the time to read the reviews and you can find out a lot of things to know, like shipping speed, hair prep time, and some customer feedback wearing photos. To get a more realistic understanding of this hair. Of course, you can also directly contact the seller to make inquiries. Generally speaking, ins and WhatsApp are faster to respond because they can reply from their mobile phones with higher efficiency.

    Tuneful hair

    Tuneful hair is a world-known fashion brand for many years, which gives women a self-confident attitude towards life to explore their chaos and attain the world’s admiration.

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