5 good reasons to wear human hair wigs(1)

If you are used to wearing lace front wigs everyday or just for special occasions ... you might already know the five pillars to wear lace closure wigsthat I'm going to tell you. On the other hand, if you have just discovered the smooth wick of the lace wigs, the wide waist in front or the general wavy look, this article is for you! TO

1. Human hair wigs length gain

Naomi Campbell 自然接发 exteeend 延长编织蕾丝编织假发

Have you ever wondered: "why is my hair not growing"? I totally understand how you feel. It's frustrating not to see your hair take inches or even millimeters (yes everything is good to take). Despite all the goodwill in the world and all the natural or organic care (it seems that organic is magic), nothing helps ... at a certain length our lace wigs seems to be blocked at a level. If you too are in this situation, I have a little quick fix for you which is none other than natural lace front wigs .

That long hair you've been dreaming of for some time can easily be within reach. Does it sound too easy to be true?

If I assure you it's very simple,lace closure wigs can gain length very quickly. All you need to do is choose the length you want and voila!

If you are not yet used to the terms 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches etc. check out our size guide to see what these numbers represent in different styles.

Small special mention for the "degraded" lovers. Do not complicate your life to take lace front wigs of different sizes to obtain a gradient. lace wigs of the same size are enough to sport a beautiful natural gradient. The wicks being placed at different places of the head, logically the lace closure wigs which are at the bottom will be longer than the headband wigs which will be placed on the upper parts of the head 😉


Gabrielle Union Exteeend Hair Extensions Natural Short Haircut Afro Star

If I told you that you can dare the short haircuts headband wigs, would you believe me? Yes, you can wear the same hairstyle as Keri Hilson and get your long hair back next week without any problem. How is this madness possible !? and again it is thanks to the different options offered by human hair wigs.

Thanks to short natural lace wigs you can very easily succumb to the desire that you have had for some time to try the short pixie cut, the short shell effect cut, the tapered cut or the boyish cut. I'll let you discover my little slide of short cuts lace closure wigs that cut it a lot .

短时间延长Cat Graham Exteeend 短毛接发Kerry Hilson Exteeend 延伸短切编织捷径延伸 Meagan Good Exteeend 编织自然接发金卡戴珊自然短发延伸

I can already see people say "the short cut human hair wigs, it won't suit me at all!" Think again because short cuts have the gift of highlighting facial features! ... well that doesn't suit everyone but what do you want we can't have it all.

A little advice: opt instead for lace front wigs of short locks for this kind of hairstyle.If you are not familiar with these, I suggest you try headband wigs, which is very convenient to wear.

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