Basic knowledge of wigs

 1.The definition and classification of wigs

The wigs we often say are hair products. Hair products refer to accessories made of human hair, chemical fiber, animal hair, etc. Wig accessories processed through a series of processes.
The main products of the hair products industry are divided into five categories, including springs, hair sets, hair pieces, accessories, hair accessories, and training heads. They are divided into different categories, forming thousands of models.

human hair wigs

1. The main purpose of the wig:
①Hairstyle and makeup, cover white hair, increase hair volume, mix styling;
② Make up for physiological defects such as hair loss and hair loss;
③Beauty salon teaching;
④Meet the needs of special professions (such as performing arts, lawyers, etc.).
Among them, most of the products are used for hair and makeup, which have the fashionable consumption characteristics of quasi-necessities.
2. Wig classification and characteristics There are many ways to classify wigs, and they have different characteristics.
3. Divided by function, it can be divided into four categories: headgear, hair piece, hair extension and accessories.
4. Wigs products can be divided into: full hoods, half hoods, 3/4 hoods (also known as 7 splits);
5. According to the process distinction, it can be divided into: hand hook hood, machine hood, half machine and half hand hood

2. Wig products mainly include headgear, hair piece and hair extension:

a). Headgear products mainly include:

4x4 5x5 Lace Closure Human Hair Wigs Deep Curly Tuneful Pre Plucked 150% 180% Malaysian Remy Human Hair Wig Lace Closure Wigs For Women

Lace front wig
Lace closure wig
Full lace wig
MONO-Headgear mono wig
Machine wig
Net bottom material: MONO net, French net, Swiss net, PU, ​​NPU and other net bottoms
Color: divided into skin color, black, brown and other colors can be customized.
Hair set classification:
1. Divided by area: wig cover and wig piece. The wig cover is a wig that is worn on the head, which is easy to wear, firm, and covers a large area and has a wide range of applications. Wigs can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to different needs, with strong randomness, high fidelity and good air permeability.
2. According to the production method: machine woven hair and hand haircut. Woven hair is made by machines. Generally mass production, the price is low, but the authenticity is not ideal, it is heavy, and the air permeability is poor, which easily causes the hair follicles to be blocked and easy to knot. The hand sculpt is made by hand, with high fidelity, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing, but the price is relatively high.
3. From the process point of view: machine made wig, half machine made & half hand tied wig (usually Front Lace Wig also called  lace front wig), lace  closure wig full lace wig, Jewish Wig Jews wig, hair block toupee, MONO wig MONO wig.
4. In terms of usage: baby hair wigs, anime wigs/cosplay wigs, holiday wigs, holiday wigs, woman wigs, and man’s toupee.
5. Top Hairpieces & Toupee (Top Hairpieces & Toupee), also called hairpieces, is a product with a smaller area and more flexible wearing than a headgear.
6. The hair pieces used by women abroad are called Top Hairpieces, and the hair pieces used by men are called Toupee;
7. According to the wearing group, it can be divided into female hair, male hair, child wig, etc.
8. Extensions can be divided into: hair weaves, hair bundles, and clip hair.
9. Accessories: generally deformed products for hair extensions, classified into bangs, ponytails, hair ties, hair buns, etc.
10. Divided by material, it can be divided into human hair wigs, chemical fiber silk products, mixed human hair and chemical fiber silk products, etc.
highlight wigs
Tunefulhair has always been pursuing the effect of seamless, natural and realistic, so that the whole hair is integrated, as if it is natural. Feel relaxed and comfortable after reissue. The whole hair feels relaxed and comfortable as if it grows naturally, like a perfect work of art.

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