How to dry human hair wigs after washing?

1. Turn the lace wigs back over and gently squeeze out the water.

Turn the lace wigs back

Lift the lace front wigs over the sink and gently make a fist to squeeze out the excess water. Don't twist or twist your hair, this can cause them to knot or break.
Do not comb the lace closure wigs while it is still wet, so as not to damage the hair strands and cause the human hair wigs to become frizzy.

2. Roll up the headband wigs with a towel, squeeze out and absorb excess water.

Roll up the headband wigs

Place the fake on one end of the clean towel. From the end where the wig is laid, roll the towel tightly into a cylinder. Press down on the towel, then gently loosen it, and take out the lace front wigs .
If the wig is very long, straighten all the hair strands and don't let them clump together.

3. Put the product you want to use on the lace closure wigs.

Put something on the lace closure wigs.

Spray some care spray on the lace wigs to make the hair smooth afterwards. The spray bottle and the headband wigs should be kept at a distance of 25-30 cm.
If you have curly hair, consider applying a little styling mousse.

4. Let the wigs air dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

Let the wigs air dry

Do not comb wet human hair wigs, so as not to damage the hair strands. If you have curly hair, you can rub it with your fingers occasionally.
Scratching and rubbing is to knead the ends of the hair into a ball with the palm of your hand, lift it up, and then bend your fingers inwards. This can help curl curls into a ball and shape.
If you use a styrofoam head model to dry your wig, be sure to fit it firmly on the lace front wigs holder. If necessary, you can use a hair clip to fix the lace closure wigs on the head model.

5. If you are in a hurry, you can use a hair dryer to dry your headband wigs.

First use a hair dryer to dry the hair net. After drying the hairnet, put on a wig and fix it with a hairpin. Just wear the lace wigs and continue to dry it. Use a low temperature setting to avoid damaging the hair.
Before putting on the human hair wigs, be sure to clip the real hair and cover them with a hair net.

6. If you want your wig to look more fluffy, you can hang it upside down to dry.

want wig to look more fluffy,

Turn the lace front wigs upside down, and then clip the hairnet on the nape to the trouser rack. You need to move the clips on the pants rack closer. Hang the lace wigs in the shower for several hours to let it dry naturally. During this period, do not shower.

If you cannot use the shower, hang it in a place where it will not be damaged by the dripping water from the headband wigs.

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