What are lace wigs?

First let's start by defining what a "Lace" is. A Lace is a hair accessory that mimics the appearance of the scalp using tulle. All Lace is made of flesh-colored or transparent tulle (or a silk base) on which the hair is stitched one by one by hand.

Once placed on the head, the Lace blends perfectly with the color of the skin and the hair stuck in the Lace creates an effect of hair growing directly from the scalp.This is the reason why lace wigs are so popular as soon as they are launched. No one can refuse HD human hair wigs that perfectly matches the shape of the head.

lace wigs

At Tuneful Hair, all our lace wigs have a lace part.

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There are different types of Laces

"Lace Frontal Wigs", "Lace Closure Wigs ", "360 Lace Frontal Wigs " ... hard to claim not to have heard these terms in recent years. But can you really explain the main differences between these different types of Lace? No worries, that's what we're here for! ;)
In the rest of Tuneful Human Hair Wigs' Blogs, we will answer all these questions and explain the main differences between a Lace Frontal, a Lace Closure and a Lace 360.

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